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Swedish Alex

6-pack Abs in 6 Weeks

6-pack Abs in 6 Weeks

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Take your abdominal training to the next level! 

It doesn't matter if you are completely new to training or a real gym junkie - this program will help you get those well defined abs you've always wanted. The 6-pack Abs program is also suitable to the person who has gone through a physical transformation, but now reached a plateau and struggles to shift that last bit of belly fat.

My 6-pack in 6 weeks program is a progressive training program that you will first do twice weekly, then 3 times per week and easy/advanced options are provided.

This program is best performed at the gym, and so I recommend that you train there. But one can also train at home with some modifications if you have a selection of weights, a Swiss ball (Pilates ball) and a mat.

The program will be emailed to you for fast and easy access.

Enjoy your training!

If you have any injuries / special requirements or prefer an individualised training plan, please contact



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