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Gain Strength and Size: Resistance Training Program

Gain Strength and Size: Resistance Training Program

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Gain strength and size, tone and shape your body! 

The Resistance Training program provides you with a comprehensive weekly training regime, split into muscle groups and progressed over 4 weeks. I recommend that you use the same program, with specified increases of intensity, over a 12 week period to experience the full force of your new training structure and results. 

Please note that you need to perform these exercises in a gym, wearing appropriate training clothes and closed-in footwear.

I recommend this specific Resistance Training program to the both males and females who want to see some real results from their gymming. 

If you haven't trained for a while, I recommend that you do some basic weights and a whole body or upper/lower split before progressing on to this specific program.

Lastly, the exercises will be best performed when training with a mate who can spot for you during every exercise. If none available, please ask a fellow gym attendee for help with certain exercises when needed for safety, such as bench press, squats etc.

Your program will be emailed to you for quick and convenient delivery.

Enjoy the Resistance Training Program and the gains to follow!

If you have any injuries / special requirements or prefer an individualised training plan, please contact



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